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Online Valuation Service FAQs

Last valued date / time

The account “last valued” date / time shows when the website last called data from the registrar’s systems. The price used to value the account will be the latest available for the funds on the system at the time the data is called.

Rounding differences

The value of the consolidated holdings is calculated as the sum of the underlying account holdings. Consequently this value may differ slightly from the calculation of shares multiplied by price. 

Transaction history

The last transaction on the account will be displayed regardless of its age as part of the default account information however the transaction history search will only access transactions within the last two years. 

Income for accumulation share classes is not reported as a transaction. Only transactions for income paid as cash or re-invested as more shares are displayed.

Document history

The documents shown are the last documents dispatched & any dispatched in the 30 days prior to the last document date. The document search will only access documents produced within the last two years.

It’s my first time trying to register for the Online Valuation Service, what do I do?

Step 1 – Request a PIN: You will start by clicking on the option where it states “If you have not registered before please click HERE to request a Personal Identification Number.”

We will then post you a PIN to the address you have registered with us. Please note that there will be an expiry date on this PIN and if it is not used by this date you will not be able to register using this PIN and a new PIN will be required again.

I’ve got my PIN, what’s next?

Step 2 – Enter your PIN: Once you get your PIN you click the option for “If you have a Personal Identification Number please click HERE to complete your registration.” Here you enter Investor Reference and your PIN. This will bring you to Step 3 of 4.

Step 3 – Register: Input the requested details, including your Account Number (This can be found on any of your statements and be in the format of 60*******. ), your email address and the password you wish to use.

I have more than one Account Number linked to my Investor Reference, which one do I use?

You only need to enter any one of the account numbers linked. It does not matter which one you use. All accounts connected to your Investor Reference will be available to view on the Online Valuation Service.

I have completed Step 3 of 4. What’s next?

Step 4: Once you have entered the requested information we will send you an email confirming your Registration Details. Within this email there will be a link for you to click to verify your Account. Once this has been done you will get a message to confirm that the account has been registered. You are now able to use your User ID and Password to log into your account.

First time logging in.

When you log in for the first time you will need to complete your security profile. This will involve setting up some security questions from a list provided. Once this is complete you will then have full access to the Online Valuation Service.

What is my User ID:

This is your ID needed for logging into the Online Valuation. Your User ID will be the format of IW80******. (The number starting with 80******* will be your investor reference number. This can be found on any of your statements.) When you register your account this User ID will be sent to you via email.

My password no longer works but it did before?

This is because your account will be locked after 180 of inactivity (i.e. if you have not logged into your account in the last 180 days it will be locked). If this is to happen you can call our Fund Service Centre and request for a new PIN to be posted to you. You will then be able to register again for the Online Valuation Service.

I can’t remember my User ID/ I forgot my password.

Just below where you enter your login information you will see options for both of these scenarios. Please follow to prompts in order to either find your User ID or reset your password

I’ve tried this but still can’t log in?

If you are still having trouble getting access to your account after following the prompts you can contact our Fund Service Centre and request for a new PIN to be posted to you. You will then be able to register again for the Online Valuation Service.

I’ve changed my email address, how can I update this for my Online Valuation Service?

The only way to link your new email address to the account is to request for a new PIN to be issued to you. This can be done by calling our Fund Service Centre and requesting for a new PIN to be posted to you. You will then be able to register again for the Online Valuation Service with your updated email address.

Can I Sell/Buy more shares using the Online Valuation Service?

No, you will not be able to submit any instruction for placing any Subscription or Redemption deals using this service.